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Hand Arnold Trinidad Limited, is one of the premier wholesale distributors in the Caribbean, with over 92 years experience in the distribution trade, our company has grown from the humble beginnings of sole proprietorship representing 5 international firms into a multi-million dollar corporate distributor representing over 30 multinational companies in the seven diverse areas of Food, Beverage, Confectionary, Household, Hygiene, Housewares and Pet Food Products.

Located in Trinidad, the southernmost island in the West Indies, we service both the Trinidad & Tobago markets.

Whether you are a customer looking for products to buy or a manufacturer seeking business opportunities to expand your markets in Trinidad and the Caribbean we invite you to contact members of our management team for further information about the services we offer. We are constantly reviewing and expanding our product range.

In August 2008, Hand Arnold was acquired by Agostini's Limited, an 87 year old, publicly listed Trading Group.

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A sales and distribution company that markets leading branded consumer products that improve the quality of life of its customers and consumers.

Hand Arnold is a marketer and distributor of Brands, placing emphasis on the quality of its Products and Principals. Its reputation of quality and service has made it the industry leader in Trinidad and Tobago.


Our Company lives by the slogan “Our passion to delivering exceptional value to you makes us #1.”

At Hand Arnold, we shall Empower and Motivate Highly Skilled Employees through developing and retaining a team of highly competent, performance driven staff with a strong sense of ownership, passion and professionalism. We shall attain Operational Excellence by leveraging technology and optimizing resources to exceed stakeholder expectations. Through Customer Growth & Satisfaction we shall be the premier Supplier to expanded channels of distribution providing superior Customer Satisfaction. We shall also become the Preferred Caribbean Distributor, distributing all throughout the Caribbean working with our supply partners as well as guaranteeing that our products and presence are available in all possible channels.


In the year 1920, Hand Arnold was formed by the visionary minds of Mr. Hand and Mr. Arnold.

At its inception, some of the brands represented by the Company (and still distributed today) include reputable brands such as Heinz and Five Roses.

In 1945, Hand Arnold became locally owned, and Mr. Arthur Hale, the manager at the time, purchased the Company after the death of the entrepreneurs.During the 1950’s the Company continued to grow and in 1962 the Pharmaceutical Division, a major bedrock of the Company’s business for years to come, was established. Among the many hallmarks of the Company’s growth and success could be attributed to the fact it was the first of its distribution kind to become fully computerized in 1970. Also in 1984, the present fully racked warehousing facility was built.

Though the Company continued to thrive and prosper, in the year 1990, the Company endured a harsh ordeal unlike anything expected, with the passing of the attempted coup in Trinidad and Tobago. The event sparked major looting across the country, for which Hand Arnold was also gravely affected. The Company incurred the largest losses more so than any other company in the country at that time. Through a determined and spirited recovery however, the Company fully recovered from this tragedy by the year 1995. As a testament to the will of those involved in the recuperation effort, offices adjoining the El Socorro Warehouse were built, and in 1994 the Company purchased the prestigious Alfred Telfer & Co Ltd., a distributor of ethical pharmaceuticals, instruments, medical supplies, implants, and OTC’S.

In August of 2008, Hand Arnold experienced another major turning event in its long history, when it was acquired by Agostini’s Limited, a company itself in the business of distribution, and consisting of product ranges very complimentary to Hand Arnold’s current lines.